About Us

Pampúree was established in 2018 by Valerie Aguinaga, with the idea of wanting to offer a brand and service for individuals to focus more on pampering themselves with self-care naturally and intertwining the Instagram handle Luxvee. The name instantly came with it flowing so perfectly it was an Aha! moment. Our founder and creator, Valerie, has always been the type of woman to reach for more in life to find what truly makes her happy! With that came a lot of soul searching and finding the true meaning of self-love and self-care. Though 2018 being the year of the Brand name, it wasn't truly the beginning of our success. Through that, it was always in the back of the founder's mind to make this business flourish to what it was truly meant to be. Then came 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and uncertainty around us, Valerie took matters into her own hands and started to create. She found her love for spirituality while creating a luxurious presentation and started handcrafting her first product in the collection "Pura Vida Smudge sticks."  The support and love were seen from all over. Pura Vida entered homes and souls in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, California, Texas, District of Columbia, Nevada, North Carolina, Connecticut, Washington, Puerto Rico, and Germany. From there, we have then launched our "Fresh All Day" Natural whitening toothpaste and "Zen sage" for Men collection. We are here to provide healing products that will enter your spirituality and heal you naturally, releasing commercialized chemical products from your life. It's been just a short three months in the making, but the fulfillment received from all of our supporters has made it absolutely worth it. We are just a baby in this world of business, but we ask for you to join us on this journey because we are here to make an impact and give you beautiful souls the life you deserve back, one step at a time. Love & Light, always.


Dedicated to: My parents Lydia & Cesar, my best friend/sister Laura (Nano), my brother Roy, his wife Tiffany, my nephew Jax, my heart Joseph Anthony, Aiden, and Einy.
Photo Production & Edit: Goldenseasproduction